Women Calendar

Women Calendar 6.0

Calendar to help women predict and take note of their menstrual cycles

Woman Calendar is an ovulation calendar application designed to help women and families practicing Natural Family Planning. Its major goal is to help storing, organizing and using the information encoded in past menstrual cycles and the related events.

Whether aiming at or avoiding pregnancy, planning a trip or simply keeping away from the artificial chemical concentrative, the combination of the natural family planning approach and a good ovulation calendar is a powerful ally in achieving your goals.

This title includes both Palm OS and Microsoft Windows (desktop) components of the program, along with the synchronization software between them. Enter data in either program and simply sync your Palm OS powered device with the desktop and voila, you will be able to take it on the go with you or access it at a larger and more convenient monitor.

Woman helps you organize yourself

Knowledge is power. By frequently filing the important events from your personal life you automatically get valuable source for reference whenever you need it.

Woman helps you plan your vacations

Using the program’s period predictions, you can quickly figure out which are the best days for vacation! Even when not 100% accurate, it still adds the little extra comfort you need when traveling or just enjoying life.

Woman helps in family planning

Having sex during ovulation strongly increases the chances of becoming pregnant. Alternatively, by simply avoiding these days a woman can still have the most natural form of protection while getting most fun the rest of the time.

Woman is a friend of your doctor

By filing information frequently, you create a valuable history archive of your physical status, which may turn out to be very valuable. Your doctor will appreciate the information you can give and so will you.

Woman offers affordable, accessible and natural alternative to pills and other contraceptives

Actually, it is the Fertility Awareness Methods that provide all that. Woman is only a computer application, which helps utilizing FAM and joining the million supporters of the natural family planning all over the world.

Women Calendar


Women Calendar 6.0

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